9 Tips to Maintain Your Fry Pans' Service Life
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9 Tips to Maintain Your Fry Pans' Service Life

Aug. 15, 2021

It's not easy to buy a pan, and maintaining it requires work. Using your fry pan properly is the number one priority to prolong its life. If you've spent a lot of money to have a quality fry pan, then you have even more reasons to do so. If we took care of them with more enthusiasm, they would last longer.

This is our guide to learning how to care for your fry pans so they can last longer.


1, Never start heating a fry pan at its highest temperature. Although you think it heats up faster, you will only reduce the quality of the pan. If you want to cook at the highest temperature, heat the fry pan gradually to medium temperature, not all at once.


2, Don't heat the pan without oil. Even if you want to avoid using oil in your recipes at all costs to be a very healthy person, you should add at least a few drops of olive oil. The oil increases the performance of the non-stick coating.


3, It is very important that you never let the oil smoke. Besides the fact that you will overheat the fry pan, burning the oil is simply not healthy. Be careful when building a fire and keep an eye on it at all times.


4, Don't cook more food than the fry pan can handle. The more ingredients you add, the longer it will take to cook. All ingredients should be in contact with the cooking surface of the fry pan. There should be several different sized fry pans in your home so that you can cook in the one best suited for each occasion.


5, Fry pans are not storage containers. Do not try to put leftovers directly in the fry pan. They are not made for that purpose. Don't be lazy and put the remains in the proper container.

6. Do not stir frantically while frying. Do not use metal and sharp utensils to stir. You will only scratch the fry pan. Always use wooden or silicone utensils.


7. Don't get distracted or leave. Being clueless is no excuse for not paying attention to your fry pan. You shouldn't leave it unattended or deal with other things while you're cooking. By the way, never put a hot fry pan under cold water! The temperature contrast makes the fry pan break down faster.


8. When cleaning fry pans, it is important to clean them with hot water and a mild detergent. Afterwards, dry them with a cloth. Also, don't use abrasive objects to clean them, use only a soft sponge. 


9. The last step is to store the frying pans. Do not stack frying pans directly on top of each other. Place a protector between each one. This way you can avoid possible scratches and bumps.

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If you follow all these tips, your fry pans and casseroles will last for many years. The life of fry pans depends on how we use and care for them. How would you make a simple and delicious omelette without them? They have become an indispensable tool in our daily lives.


Although today you can find frying pans of the same size at widely varying prices, it is important to know the technical characteristics of each frying pan to make the right decision, because not all frying pans are of the same quality. Come to GAODING to find more high quality pans. 

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